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JonoG4 Feb 26, 2001 04:34 PM
Rosie is kewl!
I was just watching Rosie and a few minutes ago she made reference to Macs. She had Jennifer-Love Hewitt on and was asking if she learned to use her computer. Jennifer said "I can play games, but i can't send emails!". Rosie said "but that's why I gave you a Mac, an iBook. It is just point and click"

BTW I know this belongs in the Macs in the Media forum but no one will see it there.

Rosie probably has a highend G4 at home.
Scott_H Feb 26, 2001 04:41 PM
Rosie lives under a bridge and eats small children.
RAzaRazor Feb 26, 2001 04:43 PM
Originally posted by Scott_H:
Rosie lives under a bridge and eats small children.
And Pets that wander off!

Seriously, she bugs the hell out of me. I liked her show for the first season, but cancellation is LONG overdue!

Ugghhhhhhhhh <<shudder>>
Misha Feb 26, 2001 06:58 PM
Ah, that's some funny stuff Scott_H... as for Miss Hewitt, I'll happily teach her how to use that iBook.

Anyway, yes, I am transferring this to the Macs in the Media forum. Maybe if people would post their Mac sightings more often that forum would grow faster!
typoon Feb 27, 2001 10:48 AM
I think her Show is set to be cancelled in July or something. (not soon enough) Anyway. It is nice to see someone in the Media who talks about her Macs. But There are People who are More popular in the Media who use Macs, As for Miss Hewitt. I;m sure she and Rosie and Jennifer Jason Leigh could get together and great something on there Macs. hehe Misha I'm sure you could teach Rosie a thing or too about her Macs.
RWoelk Feb 27, 2001 11:45 AM
I'm no fan of Rosie, but I'd love to take her out and teach her a thing or two about firearms and hunting. That women is a menace when it comes to our second amendment rights.

Rocke "Why yes, I have brought our
network down." Woelk

Only the educated are free!-Epictetus
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