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UNTiMac May 3, 2001 08:49 PM
Powerbooks in the movies
Anyone who has seen the new movie "Town and Country" I hope noticed the Wallstreet powerbook on the divorce lawyers desk along with the Apple posters outside the ballroom. :-) Anyone else know of any other fairly blatant Macintosh insertions in recent films?


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ged May 4, 2001 12:15 AM
Anyone else know of any other fairly blatant Macintosh insertions in recent films?

how about crockodile dundee in l.a.? they had an ibbok, a powerbook and an imac all given very heavy prominence. it was cool. pissed my pc-using brother off, too!


mrchin May 4, 2001 07:09 AM
Of course, you've also got shows. HBO's Sex in the City has the main character using an Powerbook every episode when she writes her articles.

Also, Drew Carie show has an iMac and an iBook
yhsu May 4, 2001 03:46 PM
Logan, one of the main characters in Fox's Dark Angel is surrounded by Apple products... most prominent being a G4 Cube with 22" Cinema Display... veddy nice!

I believe the same setup is seen everyday on TRL on MTV as well.

azerty May 4, 2001 09:31 PM
"Traffic" has a prominent use of a G3 Powerbook in the scene that has the kids getting stoned.
bobette May 5, 2001 01:02 AM
ER showed a TiBook a few weeks ago. Laura Innes, who played Kerry Weaver, was using it in a bar scene.
tooki May 5, 2001 03:21 AM
Whoops! This thread obviously belongs in the Macs in the media forum, where it is being moved.

Please excercise better judgment in the future when deciding where to post, thanks!

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