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snitty Dec 17, 2000 02:14 PM
akami comerical
Just the other day I saw a comerical for akamia, or how ever you spell it. The company that runs all of apples streams, and apple made alot of money off of. Yeah, that one. Well not too surprisingly there were about 10 apple products in it, the first was an iBook then a slew of monitors, and various other monitors and computers, it was really neat.
The Dude Dec 26, 2000 07:50 AM
Not to be an ass, but it's Akamai. A ka my. It means "cool" in hawaiian.

On the Feast of St.Stephen, I was driving my hearse to the wholesale liverwhurst outlet when suddenly a hermaphrodite in a piano truck backed out of a crackhouse driveway, and, as my shoes caught fire, I pirouetted across Boris Karloff Boulevard, slapping the truckdriver six times in the loin with a Chattanooga road map, even though he was humming the "The Pussycat Song."
MacAgent Jan 3, 2001 12:26 PM
Yep, I saw that as well, it's always fun to see Macs in ads.

macadvocate Jan 7, 2001 07:30 AM
Hate to burst your bubble, The Dude, but Akamai means smart or clever in Hawaiian. Sorry, but it is one of those words that are inevitably said during Hawaiian Studies classes in school.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
Happy New Year!

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