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iSoulBrotha Mar 2, 2001 01:29 PM
imacs in Milan & on Gideon's Crossing
While I was in Milan recently a number of the high-line fashion stores were using iMacs for POS/inventory, at Rizzolli Books they had just installed them and switched out their Windows machines. the manager at Rizzolli told me that he got sick and tired of their old machines crashing and they were attracted to Apple because years ago at their main offices they used NeXT machines and their IT guy was a big fan, so when he heard that OS-X was coming out and what it's legacy was he jumped-ship. So far they are very pleased with their iMacs. Also on the show Gideon's Crossing, which in my opinion is the best and most interesting show on commercial TV today, constantly shows Apple products, you especially see them in lab and X-ray/MRI lab scenes- you will see one of the characters looking at stuff on Apple Cinema Displays, they are all over he labs.
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