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EnderWS Dec 23, 2000 09:03 PM
Bush uses a Mac.... maybe
Take a look and decide for yourself. The spartan desktop may mean he is actually illiterate and afraid to touch it.

bleen Dec 24, 2000 02:28 AM
I remember a MacCentral article a while back saying one candidate uses Macs, the other uses Windows... I forgot who used what but this might say Bush uses a Mac.
Gregory Dec 24, 2000 04:28 PM
Gore use to use a Mac but during Apple's downturn and the rise of Windows 95/8/NT switched to Dell (I think) to fit in. Maybe he needs a PowerBook for Christmas and going away. I read that he was constantly during the month following election emailing, using Palm to keep in touch with team of lawyers and staff and personally involved in every step and decision. Clinton, OTOH, rarely touched a computer and wrote (he says) only two email messages. So he never had to worry about archived messages.

- Greg
bleen Dec 24, 2000 07:24 PM
Getting a powerbook for Christmas (or the Holidays) would be great, BUT everyone knows never to by a new Mac right when MacWorld is 2 weeks away Unless you like to have new computers that are out of date
rambo47 Dec 24, 2000 11:43 PM
Looks like a WallStreet. I wonder if he'll have any trouble with his hinges being repaired.


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The Dude Dec 26, 2000 07:46 AM
I personally think his brain is a little un-hinged.

On the Feast of St.Stephen, I was driving my hearse to the wholesale liverwhurst outlet when suddenly a hermaphrodite in a piano truck backed out of a crackhouse driveway, and, as my shoes caught fire, I pirouetted across Boris Karloff Boulevard, slapping the truckdriver six times in the loin with a Chattanooga road map, even though he was humming the "The Pussycat Song."
MacAgent Jan 3, 2001 12:30 PM
WTF?! He's running System 7.x on there! The iCons (lol, I think that shows that I\'m a Mac addict. My brain did that automatically! aren't the 3D ones from Mac OS 8 and up.

He's using an old laptop with an old OS

BTW, I heard that Gore is considering switching back to Mac after having too many problems with his PC notebook

Richard Clark Jan 4, 2001 09:45 AM
The real question will be if W will keep using a Mac once in the White House. Let's hope so. Maybe that will help to get the Republican party up to speed with Macs like the Democrats did for their convention with iMac DV SE Kiosks.

What are chances of Apple getting support from Bush for the Mac?

One can hope!

yoyo52 Jan 5, 2001 12:36 AM
omigod i'm gonna have to start using windoze
CaseCom Jan 5, 2001 12:49 AM
Maybe Apple will get Bush to join the AppleMasters program. LOL
MacAgent Jan 7, 2001 07:52 PM
Unlikely. Steve is a Democrat.

kiskiboy Jan 25, 2001 11:52 PM
Originally posted by MacAgent:
Unlikely. Steve is a Democrat.

Really? That's too bad, IMHO anyway

kiskiboy Jan 26, 2001 03:47 AM
Maybe THAT is the reason for the Ti delay...Steve is removing the "W" key from all the Powerbooks...
Phaedrus Jan 28, 2001 11:13 PM
LOL, that was funny, about the "W" keys.

I did not know that Steve was a democrat (doesn't surprise me). I guess that makes up for W being a mac user. Although the fact that he has an old powerbook with system 7 on it shows that he's not a REAL mac user! (I had to rationalize his use of Macs somehow!).

I think if Gore had been using Macs he would have won the election. Less time troubleshooting = more campaign time!

Hrmmm..what does W need a laptop for? He doesn't write his own speeches, he doesn't know how to do math so budgets are out of the question.....he must use it for email! No wonder it still has only system 7 on it!

andypolack Feb 7, 2001 08:01 PM
Quote "Unlikely. Steve is a Democrat."

Bite your tongue!
Bush is cool and he uses a Mac, more firepower for us Republicans
Norm1985 Feb 7, 2001 09:25 PM
I'd have to agree with the last person... Gore sucks... I'm sorry. I'm for Bush. He may not be perfect, but he's better than Gore. GO MAC CONSERVATIVES!

Mac OS for productivity.
UNIX for stability.
Palm OS for mobility.
Windows for solitaire.
pixelbend Feb 20, 2001 04:14 PM
Conservitive Macs! Cool.

But, I would have to agree that Steve is a liberal, but I dunno, maybe he's in the Green Party or something.
doug young Feb 20, 2001 06:48 PM
Hey Dick, My Mac says the startup drive is unreadabable and do I want to initialise. I think I must have misundeleted it.

[This message has been edited by doug young (edited 02-20-2001).]
mike_cube Mar 1, 2001 01:03 PM
has anyone seen this?

"Gore asked 'PC or Mac?'

Copyright 2000 Nando Media
Copyright 2000 Associated Press


YBOR CITY, Fla. (February 10, 2000 8:13 a.m. EST - For the techno-candidate, it was like asking about his underwear. At a town-hall forum with campaigning Vice President Al Gore, computer whiz Michael Phillips asked Gore: Which do you prefer, the PC platform (or operating system) or Macintosh?

"That's kind of a high-tech, boxers-or-briefs question, there," chuckled Gore, repeating the line as if to buy time to consider his answer.

In his bid to be president, Vice President Gore has courted both the Apple-computer types in Silicon Valley and the mighty Microsoft set in Washington state.

Gore said he used Apple until "finally the delay in the availability of the new high-tech applications software got to be so long that I finally switched over."

Gore held out some encouragement to the disappointed Phillips, who sported a rainbow-colored Apple lapel pin: "You know, Apple seems to be coming back with the iMac, don't you think?"

Phillips, a 19-year-old college freshman studying digital arts, suffers spinal muscular atrophy and, confined to a portable bed, can move just his fingers and his eyes.

He told a reporter he hoped to convert Gore to Macintosh because, "it's the most user-friendly and powerful computer and it's excellent for assistive technology" for the disabled."
nigeljedi Mar 2, 2001 09:51 AM
Hey, the prez' uses a Mac...the world is already a better place. My vote really counted!

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Earth Mk. II Mar 7, 2001 01:29 AM
I try to stay away from all things political, but if W is using a Mac, what more evidence do we need that the Mac OS is the easiest and most user friendly OS to use?

"Wherever you go, there
you are" -- Buckaroo Banzai
sblunden Mar 7, 2001 08:43 AM
i dont think that is system 7
first wallstreet shipped with 8 and it looks like either the control strip or a tabbed window at the bottom of the screen. I don't think either of those features were in 7.
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