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absolut78 Mar 19, 2005 09:29 AM
Powerbook Titanium 500Mhz for Sale
I had listed this earlier for parts, but I have decided to go ahead and try to sell the entire package since I bought a newer PB. My wife did spill coffee near the PB, but after some very close inspection by an Apple tech on Cologne, there is no damage to this PB.

This laptop has been used as an Associated Press laptop and it shows. There is wear in places you’d expect wear. Corners and bottom as well as some scratches on the cover and trackpad. There is also a crack above the headphone jack on the left hand side. If you want a looker for a PB, this isn’t it. There is one small white spot on the right of the screen, nothing major.

Okay, the good news. I have made some upgrades to this PB that give it plenty of life. I have upgraded the RAM to 1GB, the CD-ROM is now a Superdrive installed by OWC. The HD was also upgraded to a Hitachi Travelstar 60GB 7200Rpm, also done up by OWC. The Airport card is installed. It also comes with two batteries, one Apple on OWC. Both hold an amazing charge.

Since I am trying to get rid of older stuff I can also toss in some other stuff that I won’t need. A Blue Tooth USB plug-in thingy and the Airport Express Snow base station and cables. The yo-yo adapter also comes with the whole shebang!

I am trying to get rid of this, but I need a reasonable offer in the $500 and up range. I will take some pics right now and you can email me at and I will send them. I realized that I needed to upgrade to a newer PB for my work and college, and by the time I try to sell this one it might be too late.

Take care,
b1NARY73 Mar 19, 2005 12:19 PM
What do you want for the Hard drive and the superdrive, also, what condition is the bottom of the machine in? I might be interested in the bottom of the case too. Let me know, thanks!
absolut78 Mar 20, 2005 05:14 AM
Something reasonable. I got the machine to work last night, but I am not sure how long it will last. Id be willing to sell it all to you minus the RAM and you could take what you needed.

b1NARY73 Mar 20, 2005 01:50 PM
I am not sure what is reasonable.....Give me a ballpark and we can go from there.

absolut78 Mar 21, 2005 07:30 AM
Will sell whol unit also.
Since the machine is working condition I would consider selling whole as well. Everything listed above plus a Airport Base Station - not extreme - two batteries... one Apple, one OWC both hold a great charge. The body of the PB has seen some use. One crack by the headphone jack and some scuffing. Will except reasonable offers.
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