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macintologist Jul 27, 2006 01:57 PM
Successful transactions and recommended sellers
I would like to start this thread to acknowledge all the good sellers I've done business with on MacNN.

First of all most recently I did business with cmillerdesign. He sold me his old Sony digital video camera. When I asked him how much shipping would be over the phone he told me just 5 bucks which is an honest quote you don't get from online sellers very often. He apparently missed the FexEx pickup date so the next day he selected 2nd day Air and paid more because he wanted me to be able to have the camera by the weekend. Basically, cmillerdesign is an exceptional seller and I highly recommend doing business with him.

I can't remember off the top of my head other people I've dealt with but let this be a place where you can recommend sellers and give them high ratings.

And please follow a coherent formatting as suggested by azt33 below

Quote, Originally Posted by azt33
Maybe it is useful to have a sort of template for the given feedback. Something like this might work:

Item bought/sold:

Perhaps someone else wants to add anything else?
techound1 Jul 27, 2006 03:15 PM
To that list I add ChasingApple! Patrick is a dream to deal with.
As is doucy2 and TerryJ !
KSE7696 Jul 27, 2006 04:04 PM
Add the following to the list as well.... akwarner, chipchen, and ksloan. All are great people to deal with.
amacgenius Jul 27, 2006 04:06 PM
jtfolden also eventhough my product is yet to arrive.
azt33 Jul 27, 2006 04:26 PM
Maybe it is useful to have a sort of template for the given feedback. Something like this might work:

Item bought/sold:

Perhaps someone else wants to add anything else?
kobi Jul 27, 2006 04:46 PM
I agree with could be and added feature like a signature, one that you could click on or off when you post.
magid Jul 27, 2006 05:07 PM
There should just be a buyers/sellers feedback forum like they have on head-fi where each member has their own thread and whenever you do a transaction with someone you can leave a comment. I feel like this adds a lot more trust to the marketplace.
azt33 Jul 27, 2006 05:37 PM
I agree with Magid, the Head-Fi style is even better.
macintologist Jul 27, 2006 06:38 PM
Here's the Head-Fi feedback forum in question.

This should be a sub-forum here.
techound1 Jul 27, 2006 06:50 PM
Head-fi style is nice because everything about someone is in one place - no having to read through all the threads (although it is heart-warming to see that most folks are having great experiences! :rolleyes: )
j3tang Jul 27, 2006 08:43 PM
head-fi members (amongst many other forums) often also have HeatWare accounts.

For those not familiar with HeatWare, it's a collection of people's references. There are no discussion, news, etc. there. Just a member's name, and a list of all their dealings with others.

for example, my own Heat

This is great for those who frequent many forums, and instead of having a little thread in each forum about yourslef, there's 1 place that consolidates all dealings, from any forum.
Eccent Jul 28, 2006 02:28 AM

Heatware is the best. Thus, why I've left it in my signature. You can trace my first recorded transaction (I've long since forgotten) back in 01-01-1998. It's simple and widely used on PC forums. If Macnn registers/requests with them, then that may mean more PC users may visit our site(Good if we switch them but bad if they vulture us). FAQ says we have to be 'popular' but it may just be that we haven't shown desire yet. In the meantime, we can say 'Other'. But, I think we have a pretty good chance of being listed because lowendmac is on there and I don't even see their forum on their website.

Using likely means using a forum search tool to go through 131 pages of postings. Forums aren't the best method for feedback.

Posting an eval with heatware records:
Person being Eval'd
Role in transaction(buy/sold/traded)
Description of what was bought/sold/traded etc

Plus, you can send messages through heatware(that can be forwarded to your email) so you don't constantly fill the Macnn 50 limit mailbox like I do. Check it out. If it looks cool, voice your opinion here. If y'all see good general support, we can ask for Macnn using and then make note of using it in our thread rules/suggested thread.
lesman Jul 28, 2006 08:55 AM
Well, I'll just add my 2 cents:

collin973-great guy/trader, quick to get things done

spuchee-great guy/trader, quick to get things done

both of these guys are great and fast to ship, They also send the tracking information as soon as it's available. Thumbs up for them! :)
SSharon Jul 28, 2006 09:22 AM
Well I just registered with Heatware, so if the people I have bought stuff from here over the years want to leave me some feedback that would be great.

I have been happy with every transaction I have ever done here by the way. I've never sold anything, but I have bought items from probably 10 people.
JGruber Jul 28, 2006 04:00 PM
Well I have delt with Baby Duck Monger on Mac Rumors, not on this site personaly, but he is a great seller.
babyduckmonger Jul 28, 2006 04:20 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by JGruber
Well I have delt with Baby Duck Monger on Mac Rumors, not on this site personaly, but he is a great seller.
Thanks! I just signed up for Heatware, so hopefully that will be common knowledge soon. :D

It's me!
hickey Jul 28, 2006 05:38 PM
Username: Jstein
Item bought: 512 stick of Kingston RAM
Comments: Very easy to work with, kept in contact constantly, gave me his personal information in case something went wrong. Item was exactly as described. Great price on product, he paid shipping, and it got here in 2 days! I couldn't have had a better transaction.

I highly recommend jstein. :thumbsup: I hope everyone has transactions this smooth.
rasmacg5 Aug 23, 2006 12:25 PM
Thumbs Up...
Another happy MacNN buyer experience :)

Bought a bluetooth mouse from macintologist

GlassOgnion Aug 24, 2006 08:31 AM
Username: da2005pizimp
Item bought: clamshell DVD drive
Comments: easy transaction, no hassle, nice communication, fast shipping. Would deal with him again anytime.

Username: magid
Item bought: iPod 20 gigs HD
Comments: That was not the first time I was buying items from magid. Nice guy, you can trust him. thanks Zach !!!
reader50 Sep 19, 2006 08:34 PM
Username: justmetoo
Item bought/sold: Bought a G5 Quad with 7800GT, AppleCare, and extra RAM.
Comments: The unit arrived in perfect condition, and faster than I had expected. This is an honest seller who was a pleasure to do business with. I'd buy products from him in the future sight unseen and have no concerns.
ericssonboi Sep 19, 2006 08:51 PM
Username: bmizar
Item bought/sold: MBP Battery
Comments: Very smooth transaction, great price.. willing to ship to Canada from US.
Madison Sep 20, 2006 04:55 AM
Username: RiddleRize
Item bought/sold: DVD-ROM for Powerbook
Comments: Great price, shipped when he said it would, packaged like new. A perfect transaction.
GlassOgnion Sep 25, 2006 09:02 AM
Username: celliott47
Item bought: Mac Mini 1.42ghz
Comments: Very smooth transaction, great communication and great price.. willing to ship to Canada. Thanks Cliff !!!
lowdaksport Sep 25, 2006 10:04 AM
Username: Lesman
Item traded: iBook g4 12 inch
Comments: I traded him my custom pc and all trading went perfect i would trust him for anything. Very very very easy to get in touch with. I cant say it enough. If i had a question he was available. We talked daily and hes very cool good trader. I reccomend doing business with him if he has somethign you need .

I think this thread should be sticky???
hookem2oo7 Sep 26, 2006 07:20 PM
Username: skilled2k1
Item purchased: GigaDesigns 1.8 DP Upgrade
Comments: Sent paypal payment, item was on its way the next day. Came in original packaging with all manuals/installation guides. A little slow to answer emails sometimes, but I understand you can't always check email 1,000 times a day (like i do :D)
azt33 Sep 28, 2006 07:03 AM
Username: jamil5454
Item bought: 1GB (2x512MB) RAM
Comments: Very smooth transaction, item was shipped on the 25th of September and it arrived on the 27th of September! Took only two days to get to the Netherlands from the US. Good communication, friendly seller! Would not hesitate to do business with him again :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
lesman Sep 30, 2006 01:38 AM
Username: lowdaksport
Items traded: my ibook for gaming PC plus many extras
Comments: Incredible deal, great guy. Keeps in touch via messenger, PM's, email, cell phone, etc, all around great seller/trader/guy. Sends picture of shipment reciept(s) along with hard tracking info. Definitely would do business with him again! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:[/QUOTE]
Peter Oct 1, 2006 07:36 AM
I'll sticky this...
lowdaksport Oct 2, 2006 11:08 AM
Sweet thanks for sticky. I figured it should be It was so easy to find the bad trader section since it was sticky, so I figured you should have just as easy of a time finding good traders.
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