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reader50 Nov 14, 2013 10:22 PM
Solution to Surveillance State concerns
SS supporters love their motto: "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about."

The solution finally came to me tonight. If supporters of universal surveillance really believe this, they can win their point and lead from the front. By leaving their clothes at home from now on.

Some of these people have stated outright that privacy is outmoded (impractical) in the 21st century. Very well, let's see their conviction.
subego Nov 14, 2013 10:40 PM
You know, the irony is, everybody being public about everything (even walking around naked) would be fantastic for society. The problem, other than people getting over it, is what institutions like the government and insurance companies would do with the information.
Shaddim Nov 15, 2013 12:46 AM
It was a real PitA to just get my home and surrounding buildings removed from Google Earth (Street View doesn't have anything, because the house isn't visible from any public road), I can only imagine the mountains of data that government agencies have on each of us.

We recently had a helicopter buzzing the house every night, passing over 6-10x. After some investigation I found out that it was DEA and the TBI (TN Bureau of Investigation) with infrared, looking for abnormally high heat signatures (grow lights) and excessive water drainage (hydroponics), like what could be evidence of a large scale, indoor, pot growing operation. It was getting annoying, because they were rather loud, so I called the area DEA office and told them they could come by in person and check things out if they like, they wouldn't even need a warrant, just stop bugging the hell out of us. Worked like a charm and they haven't flown over again since.
reader50 Nov 15, 2013 01:44 AM
Did they search the location? I'm thinking they got interested *because* you vanished from Google Earth. Privacy == suspicious activity, probably drug kingpin.
subego Nov 15, 2013 01:52 AM
Or Kim Dotcom.
Shaddim Nov 15, 2013 02:56 AM
No, they never came by. What's really funny is that I'm pretty sure one of my neighbors does grow quite a bit of pot in his basement, and they've never bothered him at all. The removal from Google Earth was more than a year before the helicopters started flying over, either they take a while to get started or it was unrelated.
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