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WINDOWS XP AVAILABLE FOR MAC - would you buy it?
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Aug 23, 2001, 05:47 PM
Let's just say M$ didn't like the way intel was going and wanted a PPC platform to support, now imagine if M$ announced XP would be avaiable for the mac platform like NT was back in '96.

Now imagine if it was setup so you could still use macintosh but also be able to boot into windows.
By this we would (when modified to run on PPC) have access to every pc app available, games, morpheus, CAD's, 3D max, Counterstrike etc...


For those mac newbies who laugh I'll give you a little insight of platform interest that was or will soon be for macs...

'79 Apple created LISA OS, had multitasking and some mem protection, but not as friendly as macintosh.

'92 Steve Jobs founds neXT. funny thing was he supported the x86 scene more than PPC, did this mean Steve never had faith in PPC??????!

'95 BEos was made to be a mac alternative. May have been bought by PALM recently but was seen as the best OS ever for multimedia. Apple was going to buy it when they needed a new os to take over Copland...
When Steve Jobs came back he made it so no new G3 and up would ever run BEos because of the new world rom. Steve was fearful of BEos's power overshadowing apple's neXT choice for a new generation OS.

'96 M$ knew apple was looking for a next generation OS so they made a version of NT for PPC, some say it ran with alot of bugs (whats new)...

'96 Linux is avaiable for PPC in its many flavours ie. Yellow Dog.

'96 Apple toils with x86 macintosh code named Star-trek.

'97 Apple choses Steve Jobs neXT as their next OS and buys out neXT computers as well as getting Steve back as CEO (best move ever made, but lets get WOZ back to just for fun). neXT takes over where Copland failed and becomes Rhapsody. http://product.info.apple.com/pr/pre...rel.macos.html
Romour to have redbox that allows x86 support.

'97 Amiga refuses to die and is kept alive by die hard users (good for them), now Amiga runs in PPC architecture that YOU CAN BUILD YOURSELF (take note Steve. Amiga is bought back from Gateway and is in the hands of the original Amiga team.

'2000 Amiga announces Amiga 4.0 next gen OS will run native PPC code and will be able to be installed on macintosh os's like how BEos did.

'2001 Amiga announces what they have planned for Amiga 4.0, future plans to have Amiga 5.0 to run on every viable architecture from on cd like linux kind does (but u need the proper linux for the chip). Aimga 5.0 will run on x86, SH-4 Hitachi (as seen in dreacast and alot of japanese comps), PPC (nuff said), ARM (portables)and maybe MIPS.

I for one would have loved to run BEos on my b/w g3, but now I'd rather Amiga...

For those who are thinking Amiga is crap or is like workbench know this :
Workbench had multitasking back in '86!!!
Amiga still provides alot of giu ideas others have failed to notice and rippoff yet.

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Aug 23, 2001, 06:13 PM
If Windows XP were available for a Mac, the following would have to be true:

* All software would have to work as well as on a comparable x86 machine. (I'll let someone else define comparable..)
* Windows must not interfer with the way the Mac OS works (any version)
* I can forego submitting any kind of data I do not wish to Microsoft.

Frankly, none of these things are going to happen. The Closest thing that would have made it possible would have been CHRP arcitechture, and that's been abandoned for a while now.
I wouldn't buy Windows XP for my Mac if it were available because I already have an OS that does everything I want to do. I'm not a Gamer, so that's not a problem.

As for Amiga... it's spent the last decade bouncing around to various owners. It was cool, but so was Be. I quote MacAddict's reaction to Be, and use it for Amiga "Shipped any Apps recently?"
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Aug 23, 2001, 07:52 PM
Think this -
Amiga appz only need to be ported to its OS, Amiga already has far more support than BE did and Amiga doesnt even advertise, you can get voodoo, Matrox, oxygen cards for amiga with ATI to come.
Games like Shogo and SIN just came to the amiga when it was released to mac
so all it needs is a minor port cause its already PPC.

I wish Connectix would write a useful app like Virtual macintosh that would allow you to run any OS PPC native without having to worry about hardware blocks and support.

Amiga is doing what BE didnt, first they are worring about support and hardware/OS rather than advertise upcoming features before their done.
Alot of great appz were invented on Amiga, so it does have the hertitage BE didn't.
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Aug 23, 2001, 10:50 PM
Well I suppose some Virtual PC users would love the idea of having a version of windows XP for their Macs. It would probably be better than having only a Connectix VPC version.

I have Virtual PC for windows 98..I was hoping to use it for building levels in Quake 3. Unfortunately it's no good for this because it doesn't support hardware video acceleration. If I could get windows XP for Mac that supported video cards, then I'd be able to do the level editing no problem. But rumor has it that a Quake 3 level editor for OS X will soon be available, and I'd rather use a Mac-native app than run a Windows app in emulation.

I think that ultimatly windows on a Mac only lessens the motivation of some developers to bring out mac versions of their apps. Every person who relies on VPC or the like really ought to be writing letters to the developers guilty of not supporting the Mac. I think the goal should not be running an app in emulation, but to have the app supported for Mac with cross-platform files.

In any event, I would never BUY windows XP for my powermac. If I absolutely had to run a windows-only app on my Mac, then I would pirate a copy of Windows XP--never would I give money to Microsoft for an OS. Never.

What was the question?
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Aug 23, 2001, 11:54 PM
Im talking abot real Windows on mac, not emulation!

The emulation part came after when I was talking about being able to install multiple OS's on a mac.

I own VPC and have windows installed, but I never paided for them, go figure...Windows is for chumps who cant afford quality.
But they have the support.
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Aug 24, 2001, 06:19 AM
I second OverclockedHomoSapien 's opinion that this would only harm Mac software development. The big software houses would only bother developing XP versions.

And AG3, the Connectix part of VPC is well worth paying for. You can buy VPC 4.0 DOS very cheaply, and install any version of Windoze.

Connectix are a good company that have done wonders for the Mac in the past, and hopefully will continue to do so, provided people buy their products...

I'll not get on my high horse about you not paying for Windows, however...;-)
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Aug 24, 2001, 12:35 PM
there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of different languages around the world. Most of these languages have one word for NO! and that's [email protected]#$ NO! I left the windows platform because it just plain sucked! why would I want to go back? The MacOS is a far superior, far easier platform! Why would I want to soil my beautiful Mac with windoze trash? Don't give me crap about "MSOffice", I used to use it on a day today basis on a wintel machine, I use it on a day to day basis on my Mac and they are nearly the same. Any differences are improvements if you ask me. Go I HATE hearing windoze shite on what is supposed to be (with the exception of Linux) a mac only forum!! ARGH!!!

Peace out!
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Aug 24, 2001, 03:11 PM
IF xp did ever come to PPC and I say IF, there would be no competition because OSX rocks. Microsnot would only do this in a final last effort to overthrow the might macOS but they would soon realise that they are wasting their time and would admit defeat and promise to worship the mac.
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Aug 24, 2001, 11:02 PM
I would vote "No friggin way!" on election day for XP. It's an MS product and therefore. The security issue alone is enough to say no and I really don't care much about security. MS products don't run well on PCs, so let's move it over to a Mac? NO! OS Xs UNIX base is vastly superior and will continue to be. SUN, IBM and SGI don't use MS software on their flagship systems and there's a good reason for it: it sucks! Ask me to have IRIX or SunOS on my Mac and I'll give it some thought. It takes less time than a singe cycle on the fastest Intel chip to decide if MS is going to be an OS on my Mac (excluding emulation)!
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Aug 25, 2001, 03:19 AM
I didnt know they made a version of Windows NT for the PPC platform. Is this available anywhere. I just want to see how it runs on my Mac for the heck of it.
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Aug 25, 2001, 07:09 AM

But if Mac OS X ran on x86 would I build my own custom hardware?
U betcha

winblowz will always be winblowz, it just blowz

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Aug 25, 2001, 08:09 AM
PHoynak ,
the PPC release of WindowsNT was with version 3. NT4 dropped support (I think it was because NT was running so much better on PPC hardware they were embarrassed, but that's another story).

I never got it running on my 8500, which should have worked if I had the proper 'boot/install' disk. I never found a disk image that would allow the installation and booting to occur. MS had the original disks come with the NT installation (I think it was only in the highest priced package for NT3 at the time). After NT3 the support was dropped, so even if you got it running for curiosities sake -- as I was interested -- it would be full of security holes and outdated. It seems to be much less interesting now that OSX is out.

Also, from what I remember, the only apps that would actually run on the PPC were apps that were written to be used on the PPC platform (major apps, or NT only apps should have worked, but poor ports or anything with 16bit code in it supposedly would fail).

Don't take my word for it though, if you ever find a boot disk that allows you to get it installed post it to the world! I'd like to at least *see* winNT on my older 8500 running it and trouncing the hardware of its time in running windows (as the rumors went at the time).

Good luck and Vive la Macintosh!
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Aug 26, 2001, 07:16 PM
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