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2020 Prophetic Outlook ISN
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The Mighty
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Jan 7, 2020, 10:18 PM
Discuss the 2020 Prophetic Outlook, featuring Hank Kunneman, Tracy Cooke & Jeremiah Johnson

Some timestamps below

Hank Kunneman:
2:30: Abortion cases go to Supreme Court
4:10: Blizzard in Washington D.C., message on corruption
6:40: Message on the devil getting people to agree w/ impeachment of God's chosen
9:20--10:45: Mission of mercy, prayer, and four nations to rise against the USA if the wrong person is elected
11:49 and 14:44: Vote! Do not assume that this election is "automatic," it's not, 30 million Christians did not vote in 2016. Vote & agree with God in the vote even if there are things that you do not understand and despite personality quirks
13:26: Let the situation with Netanyahu play out
15:50: This decade will be based on: (1) God's presence/glory, (2) USA gets rest from enemies, (3) God to trump the enemy and bring a recom-"Pence" movement on the nation
16:25: A new medical device with a light to hang around your neck, "bypass surgery for your heart"
16:33: Something about light/tech for your car to help blind people
16:37 and 59:20: Restoration of sight
1:00:05: Over the following 12 years, God will release "the spirit of truth," to unveil the deception, lies, and corruption... many who have set themselves against God will become weak, sick, and die. Mouths will drop as you see who and what shall be exposed.
1:07:08: In the Supreme Court, "January of Justice," there will be two major cases, one about a compassionate woman regarding abortion. Still "fighting" in the system. Instead of 5-4, future rulings will be more like 6-3, 7-2, 8-1...
1:10:16: Democrats who celebrated winning their 2018 midterm elections and then targeted impeachment will be "stripped" of their power, but we need to get the right people in place in the House & Senate
1:10:34: The FBI will find Brett Kavanaugh "innocent," despite what the media does to deceive you
1:22:25: "Great" demonstrations/unveilings are coming: (1) Bamboo Curtain of Asia, (2) North Korea will be humbled, (3) earthquakes along USA's east coast (yes, east, not west...), (4) a great wind also along the east coast, to reveal that it was of the east wind that God brought deliverance to Israel, so a revisitation is coming, (5) Putin, because of his military, "will be caged" (6) China will try to help North Korea but fail due to contenting with protests around Tiananmen Square, the rising underground Church in China, (7) in "one nation" in the Middle East, many women who wear veils will become believers

Tracy Cooke:
20:17: Pray, use your spiritual weapons, get back to the altar
24:36: The Church and the USA is called upon to repent from a spirit of perversion, do not led money/greed motivate revival, pray for revival and for Trump
25:53: Message on abortion
27:14: Message on false and unrepentant prophets, spirit of perversion
28:54: Tracy Cooke had a dream about Trump being re-elected, but still enduring opposition from Hillary Clinton planning and plotting, "Opposition is the indication of breakthrough," warning to not join false alliances
31:16: God will shake the Democratic party, some Democrats would start dying three at a time
31:27: Church revival would break out in NYC against preachers who praise homosexuality, those preachers will be judges
32:30: Encouraging message for prophetic visions and for struggling believers
1:01:56: "Major names" will be removed from major ministries for becoming arrogant/prideful
1:13:29 and 1:26:53: God reveals the names of guests and family members to Tracy Cooke and prophesies over the guests for ministry and healing

More on Tracy Cooke, God reveals full names of audience members, prophesies over them, heals them, in the studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fR5WZ-VcI5A

Jeremiah Johnson:
38:11: Past prophetic vision that Kanye West will be raised up as a wrecking ball to the religious arena
38:32 and 41:04: Dream continues with Donald Trump, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber to drive the religious spirit out from the Church, Justin Bieber will be the next wrecking ball
39:37: Kanye West will win black voters to Donald Trump
40:41: To Christian parents whose sons and daughters seem "too far gone" many will "come home" in 2020
43:28: Message on God's raising up Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump, to make an emancipation proclamation. Three old principalities in America must be torn down: (1) racism, (2) radical feminism (Jezebel), (3) god of Molech, abortion/child sacrifice. These are interconnected: supporting one of these means supporting others as well.
45:53 and 49:12: The future of America is in the hands of the baby boomers, "the gray hairs and the white hairs"
47:49: Message on the spirit of Elijah to dethrone the spirit of Jezebel in the Church, the White House, and homes
1:05:32: Anointing for mothers and daughters
1:19:49: Revival, many delivered from LGBTQ lifestyle
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Jan 8, 2020, 01:19 AM
Why would anyone want to watch that? It sounds like they all agree closely with each other. No debate expected, no disagreements, no hellfire for each other if someone doesn't give up their blasphemy against Trump.

If they start threatening each other, give me a call. That could get interesting. Reportedly Oprah's ratings went up whenever they had fights on stage. The security Brunos would intervene slowly, so as not to undermine the ratings boost.
Doc HM
Mac Elite
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Jan 8, 2020, 03:50 AM
Well that all sounds like a modern healthy democracy at work there.
Welcome to the roaring twenties. (1620s)
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And.reg  (op)
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Jan 15, 2020, 05:18 PM
20 Prophetic Words for 2020

Hank Kunneman:
1:00 and 2:15: This decade will be defined by God's children meeting in public places and talking to God
1:32: A "veil" will be removed, major laws will be overturned
1:53: Earthquakes
2:28: Beware of the "four horns" - China, Russia, Iran, North Korea - we must pray, and we must vote for God's chosen president, and then "we" will receive "payback for our shame, we're going to receive double" - 12 years of His divine order

Perry Stone:
5:06: Global outpouring of His Spirit, also highlighting Indonesia, Africa, Latin America, USA
5:34: Favor and blessings on the children and grandchildren of believers, as well as men and elder women

Patricia King:
7:00: Governmental authority being released, via prophetic intercessors, to shift government in favor of God's plan, but there must be intentional, targeted prayer

David Herzog:
10:10: The decade to evangelize while the opportunity is there
11:07: A season for fire, refreshment to evangelize

Dr. Clarice Fluitt:
12:20: There will be a change in worship - particularly sounds and frequencies - in the midst of worship, people will be gloriously healed, particularly people who were bound by drugs, alcohol, and wrong relationships
12:54: Message 50 years ago was to be filled with the Spirit of God, but this time it's on the greatness of God, and that message will bring people together
13:11: Move of God to favor Israel within the government, Netanyahu is God's choice
13:38: A new person will be put on the Supreme Court, a woman of great virtue, an honorable person
14:02: Trump to be reelected, and some lines drawn
14:09: An awakening to planned parenthood and the spirit of abortion, the Lord will be changing hearts
14:22: Transfer of wealth - God will turn the fortunes into the hands of righteous men and women (again, noting people healed from drugs, alcohol, wrong relationships...)
14:37: Healing and compassion for immigration and the homeless, "ask big" of God

Kynan Bridges:
15:27: Year of prophetic prosperity and prophetic vision, 2 Chr 20:20
16:38: Year of the greatest transfer of wealth to the body of Christ, raised up by end-time prophets
17:25: But we must be obedient with whatever God tells you to do, pray and walk it

Joan Hunter:
18:50: Prepare your hearts and minds to whatever God is calling you to do

James Goll:
20:57: Analogy with Joshua 4, new era of promise, e.g., the billion-soul harvest of youth, stadiums being filled
22:02: We are shifting into the time of the great harvest, no more "x more months" or "x more years," from revelation revealed to revelation fulfilled, starting this year

Jeremiah Johnson:
23:14: Boom from the "upper room" (call to prayer) - many prodigals will come home, so get them to know God
23:53: The future of American belongs in the hands of the baby boomers, a dream of two elder women help Trump in the election

Katherine Ruonala:
26:14: Time of a great harvest, be prepared, focused, careful

Hakeem Collins:
28:50: "Year of the mouth" and for the decade, fulfillment - God speaking through His prophets, one of the greatest awakenings, works that could not be fulfilled in previous years but were revealed (e.g., dreams, visions) will be fulfilled this decade
30:54: "Year of separation" - goat from sheep, believers from non-believers, believers marked with glory and favor, great season of wealth transfer to the Church, stadium crusades, mass healings, signs, wonders, miracles, breakthrough of double for your shame and struggles in your past

Glenda Jackson:
32:20: "Redemption" - our understanding in the "mysteries" of the Lord will go deeper than it's ever been
32:32: Double portion of the redemptive power of Heaven that God has on the Church
33:15: Prophecy is going to increase and be poured out
33:31: We need to enter 2020 with eyes wide open, spiritual battles, but do not fear, miracles will be a double portion

Kevin Zadai:
34:39: Move of God is about the Father, habitation, revelation, more worship
35:12: There will be an increase of repentance, more people to dedicate (or rededicate) themselves to the Lord
35:39: Children will be healing and prophesying, God working miracles in them and in children programs
36:04: People waiting outside of church services waiting to get in, because they "were overcome when they got in," seeing the miracles happen, drawn to repentance
36:20: Prophesies in prayer meetings, be careful about what to ask
36:47: Some people will be having angel visitations in their houses and become new preachers
37:36: The world will be in "turmoil" because of all kinds of things happen in the government and public unrest, but during this time, people would start coming back to Church

Ana Werner:
38:45: Vision of passing through narrow gates - contending for breakthrough, promise land
39:18: Church to be purified globally, "no compromise," raising seasoned and mature ministers of the Gospel for the coming greater Glory, call to repentance
41:51: Vision of puzzle pieces coming together, representing little things that you have gone through in your life, and you'll be able to look back on them and have a moment of realization of being raised up for such a time as this (2020), for believers who had dreams in faith set aside, time to pick them back up

Mario Murillo:
43:44: Reference to Daniel 9, the Church should not rest in entitlement, flattery, or false security, but to be vital in prayer and Kingdom work, "get to work"

David Hernandez:
46:09: Message about the Spirit and the dove, means something "new," a new era

Dr. Cindy Jacobs:
49:03: Year of the voice, 2 Chr 20:20, we are moving into a new prophetic season
49:30: Reset and restoration, God will grant restitution within the Church (e.g., finances that you had taken away and could not get back...), restoration and restitution greater than anything that could have happened in the past, so be creative, make a list, let your voice be heard

Larry Sparks:
51:02: Reference to the 60s/70s "Jesus people" movement, so the "third missing move" is for those who get radically touched by God to go into the "darkness" (the unchurched, secular work)

Tracy Cooke:
54:18, 55:33, 56:12, and 58:26: Promises, dreams, visions, that believers have about God that have been delayed will be expedited, "blind spots" will be clarified, prayers will be answered, "redeem time"
54:53: Reference to Samson breaking vows, the Church will be brought back to repentance, landscape of the Church will be shaken, particularly within the first four months of 2020
55:46 and 56:25: Weather patterns broken and records set, meaning that our awareness needs to be back on God
56:42: Believers to see God's glory in ways never manifested before
57:50: God will deal with broken vows, abortion, homosexuality, other issues, shaking in leadership
58:12: Something about the gifts of God flowing in May 2020
59:02: Year of greatest healings and miracles, creative miracles, and stay humble, do not take the credit for yourself

Lana Vawser:
1:00:04: Year for believers to see God at work and occupy more ground than ever before, new assignments and new territory, new plans for believers' lives, God's power moves in new ways, so walk in faith
1:02:10: We must be a believing people that walk in His ways and in His wisdom

Sid Roth:
Closing remarks
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Jan 15, 2020, 07:20 PM
Spheric Harlot
Clinically Insane
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Jan 15, 2020, 08:46 PM
I don’t even
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Jan 15, 2020, 11:03 PM
Reads like the planning team minutes for the American Taliban.
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