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reader50 Sep 8, 2005 08:58 PM
Stats Sigs Instructions
Note 1: This thread was created when multisigs became available, but it contains instructions for setting all teamstats stats sigs.
Note 2: Rosetta stats have been added. Those who want Rosetta added to their multisigs should PM reader50.

We have a new stats toy available. Sigs that show statistics from more than one project. They do have to be set up manually, so If you want one, PM or IM me with the details.

I'll need to know:
  • Your display name on the sig. I'll use your forum name if you don't specify. There is a 28 character limit.
  • Which projects you want. I'll put them in the order you list them, unless ...
  • Do you want random order? Required if there are more projects than display lines.
  • If more then 3 projects, specify if you want 3 or 4 display lines. 4 is more crowded.
  • Your name(s) in each project, especially if they are not related to your forum name. Note, I can composite totals & rates from multiple accounts in the same project. The rank shown will be the account with the highest rank.

Up to three projects display comfortably. Four projects fit, but they are tight. If you want more than four projects to be tracked, I'll randomly display 3 or 4 (your choice) from the list on each sig load.

Example, 3 projects: Shaktai
Example, 4 projects: mikkyo

I'll usually set these up in the evenings, California time. So if you PM me, it might be 24 hours before it's ready. Or longer if the real world gets in the way.

You can include stats from inactive projects that are still on the server. Currently, that is Ubero and dFold. But those projects might be removed in the future.

How To Set Up A Stats Sig part 1 - Find Your Sig URL
First, you need the proper URL for your sig image. In general, the URL looks like this:

http:// abbreviation)/sigs/UID=(target)/sig.php

The project abbreviations are the project folder names used on teamstats. If you check out a stats section, you can see the abbreviation in your browser's URL field. Here are the current abbreviations that will work:

climate = an alias for climate1
climate1 = Climate Prediction
d2ol = D2OL
dfold = an alias for dfold2
dfold2 = Distributed Folding (inactive project)
einstein = an alias for einstein1
einstein1 = Einstein @ home
fold = Folding @ home
predict = an alias for predict1
predict1 = Predictor @ home
rc5 = an alias for rc572
rc572 = RC5 - 72 bit
rosetta = an alias for rosetta1
rosetta1 = Rosetta @ home
seti = an alias for seti1 (will eventually point to seti2)
seti1 = SETI @ home Classic
seti2 = SETI @ home BOINC
ubero = Ubero (inactive project)
multisig = Multiproject Sigs

The aliases are there for convenience, but it's somewhat risky to use them. They will change as projects revise themselves.

The UID target is always a number for a regular sig. It is your User ID number on teamstats in that project. Navigate to your personal page in that project, and you can see your UID number in the browser URL field.

With multisigs, the UID target can be either a name, or a number. I set it manually, and have so far used people's forum names.

Example URLs:
Team MacNN (Folding)

reader50 (Folding)

mikkyo (D2OL)

Microns (SETI Classic)

eweiland (RC5)

Shaktai (Multisig)

How To Set Up A Stats Sig part 2 - Add UBB tags
To make the sig appear as an image on the forum, enclose the sig URL inside vBB image tags like this:

[ img][/img]

Just remove the space inside the first tag and it will work. If you want to make the image clickable, further enclose it inside URL tags:

[ url=][ img]

Remove the space inside each tag, and make it a single line. I broke it across 3 lines to make it more human-readable.

How To Set Up A Stats Sig part 3 - Put The Result Into Your Forum Prefs
To place an image in your MacNN Forums signature line, go to the "User Center" link near the top of every forum page. Currently, it is the "User CP" link, but it's been called a few other things in previous BB versions. In your User Center page, click the "Edit Signature" link.

Enter your signature line into the signature text field. When you are finished editing your signature, click the "Save Signature" button underneath. Your signature line will be active now.

Exact instructions for setting a signature on other bulletin boards will vary somewhat, but the basic steps are the same.

I'll eventually set up something more automatic for Multisigs, so that people can build a URL and have it work without me first setting it up. Our vBB forum settings make this a lot more complicated to code up, so it's manual setup to begin with. Whenever I do code around the vBB limits, I'll revise these instructions accordingly.

For those who are curious, our stats sigs were originally announced here. However, the info in that thread is somewhat dated.
beadman Sep 8, 2005 10:03 PM
Thanks for the great effort on the multi-sigs! :D Now to get it included in each of my project prefs - maybe this will drum up a few more members for us.

Scotttheking Sep 9, 2005 04:12 PM
mikkyo Sep 9, 2005 07:00 PM
Your test worked Scott!
Looks like you need more machines though
Microns Sep 12, 2005 03:32 PM
Excellent, nothing like a cool new sig toy!
Thanks reader50!
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