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Eldberg May 22, 2014 04:20 PM
Why the logout?
Logged into MacNN forums. Began writing a post. Wrote a LONG TEXT. Much work here. 5 year old daughter on her way to sleep demanded that I read her a saga. Went away for 10 minutes to do this. Came back to find myself logged out and my text gone. Very disappointed.

reader50 May 22, 2014 04:31 PM
Log in via cookie - when you log in, check the box to "remember me".

If you are inactive for 15 minutes, the board considers you offline. vBulletin3 does not preserve the entered text, which would come out of the blue, since it has forgotten you. When the forum cookie is present, this doesn't happen, regardless of how long you are inactive.

I've long gotten in the habit of writing long replies in a text editor, though part of that is being anal about fixing the typos / grammar / etc. You can often recover lost text if you take your browser offline, then hit the back button.
P May 22, 2014 05:29 PM
Or just do Select all - Copy every now and then. That last is especially useful on iOS devices with their limited memory.
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