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NewsPoster Nov 28, 2012 05:47 PM
Time Warner CEO would like to see an Apple-built television
At the Business Insider <a href="" rel='nofollow'>Ignition conference</a>, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes expressed his desire to purchase a television designed and built by Apple. The CEO believes that Apple would likely have a solution to a fundamental problem with the television business -- content discovery and search. The executive doesn't believe that Apple will be the only manufacturer dealing with the problem, and expects to see "as many interfaces as you can get."<br><br>When specifically asked what he thought of Apple constructing a television, Bewkes said that he hopes the company does engage in such a project: "I think Apple is a great device company." Clarifying his statement, he said that Apple "brings good interface and navigation skills" which should bring growth to the industry, where the abundance of content makes finding quality programming more of a challenge than it needs to be.

<a href=" conference" rel='nofollow'>Gene Munster</a> believes that the Apple TV set will be a new core product for Apple in the fall, a prediction he has made every year for several years. He expects the device to feature Siri integration, a FaceTime camera, and potentially <em>a la carte</em> programming, allowing viewers to select only channels that they wish to watch, rather than the bundled solutions currently offered by cable companies.
gooser Nov 28, 2012 08:12 PM
that would be a huge engineering feat and would be a true challenge for apple but i believe they could handle it. when will it stop? soon people will have even greater expectations---like putting an optical drive in an imac.
pairof9s Nov 29, 2012 08:18 AM
Ongoing rumor that has reached the point of "Bigfoot" and "Loch Ness Nellie" status in mythical sightings. I'll believe it when I see but until then it's just a fun bedtime story for your kids.

As for the a la carte, that has been a sticking point for many would-be attempts at a new digital television experience. The content providers don't want people cherry-picking the channels but I think if you offered it as set quantities of channels, that might work. Such as, you can purchase the 25-channel, 75-channel, 100-channel or 200-channel option of which you have to then select which channels (less premium channels sold separately) you want to fulfill your option. At least then the content providers are guaranteed certain number of channels for each purchase. Look, these guys didn't believe in digital musics sales at first, now it's the leading music sales medium. They didn't believe in digital movie rentals and now it's over 38% of rental sales. So they just need to have faith that digital television packages will succeed as well.
Grendelmon Nov 30, 2012 03:15 AM
Quote, Originally Posted by gooser (Post 4204111)
...soon people will have even greater expectations---like putting an optical drive in an imac.
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