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NewsPoster Feb 3, 2013 10:38 PM
Evad3rs now set to release jailbreak for iOS 6.x Monday
A <a href=" ack.february.3/" rel='nofollow'>jailbreak for iOS 6</a> including the latest release iOS 6.1 has been given a <a href=" ver/#Av7JjuM0bIiQokVW.99" rel='nofollow'>confirmed released date</a> by the <a href="" rel='nofollow'>hacker team</a> developing it. After hinting that the hack would be released to the public on Super Bowl Sunday, tweets from team members now say that it will actually be released on Monday. Reports from team members suggest that work is finished on the hack but that it was felt to be too late in the day for a release on Sunday, suggesting that the jailbreak could come early (by US time-zone standards) on Monday.<br />
<br />
Jailbreaking is not illegal, and can be used to further customize iOS or to run apps that <a href="" rel='nofollow'>don't appear</a> in the official App Store. Though the risk of malware is small, jailbreaking does rely on a security flaw in iOS to work, which can also be exploited to create security issues, and unofficial apps carry the risk of being scamware, malware or collecting personal information without the user's knowledge -- common issues with Android apps.

Jailbreaking can also be used to run <a href="" rel='nofollow'>pirated</a> iOS apps, though the community generally frowns on the practice as the iOS ecosystem puts money directly into the hands of developers. Two of the largest pirate websites were recently shut down by their owners, probably under pressure from developers, authorities and Apple.

The jailbreak, when released, will require connecting the iDevice running iOS 6 or higher to a Mac or PC running at least OS X 10.5 or Windows XP (or Linux x86) using a USB cable. Backing up the device beforehand and disabling the security passcode (if used) are also recommended by the team. There is currently no word on a possible unofficial unlock for iOS 6 devices, potentially due to unauthorized unlocks now officially <a href=" cking/" rel='nofollow'>illegal</a> in the United States.

ElectroTech Feb 4, 2013 01:34 AM
Thieves and crooks
I am sick of these articles being posted to promote 'jailbreaking' as if it was legitimate. Nearly all who 'jailbreak' are eventually going to download some apps without paying. They are thieves and deserve to have their iPhone bricked forever. Developers work long and hard to create innovative apps and deserve to be paid for their efforts. Somehow, there are a bunch of people who buy iPhones and think that they can illegally get out of contracts and deserve to get a free ride off everyone.
dxtr Feb 4, 2013 03:44 AM
comment title
"Thieves and Crooks"...???
It is absolutely legal to JailBreak any devise.

"Nearly all who JailBreak are eventually going to download some apps without paying?"
Where do you get your data? I have been JailBroke since the day it became available and have paid about the same for good apps from Cydia than I have thru iTunes and have no apps that have not been paid for. Nor do any of the people that I know that are JailBroke...

It is my iPhone and my iPad mini so I will do with them what I want to. What I find onerous is Apple for dictating to me what I can or can not do with my devices that I paid for. While my iDevises have worked fine I look forward to the day some Apple Junior Genius tells me that my Warranty is void because I JailBroke it... I would love to test the Magnuson-Moss act with my local Apple Store... and Tim and Jonnie...

Thanks to all the people at evasi0n for their hard work and to all the others in the past.
thx607 Feb 4, 2013 09:22 AM
"Theives and crooks"
WTF are you even talking about. I have never put anything illegal on my phone and Jailbreak every time there is an opportunity. Oh and maybe these articles are written because it is legal. Also, you obviously lack reading comprehension skills because you should be able to understand Jailbreaking and unlocking from your carrier are two different things.
andrewbw Feb 4, 2013 10:45 AM
Don't feed the troll
Guys, "ElectroTech" is a known MacNN troll. He's been reported to the mods and they're well aware of him. Instead of replying, send in your complaints as well and he'll be banned soon enough just like spammers and people who engage in personal attacks.
blahblahbber Feb 5, 2013 01:42 AM
yo ElectroTech!
Are you retarded? No, Seriously....?
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