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NewsPoster Feb 8, 2013 09:52 PM
Up close with the Ag++ iPhone 5 bumper from Case Logic
We recently saw the Case Logic <a href="" rel='nofollow'>Ag++ Metal Bumper</a> for iPhone 5 on <em>The Fancy</em>, where it captured our interest. This is because one of the challenges for iPhone owners is to find a case that helps to keep it safe from knocks and scratches while also somehow managing to preserve its beauty. The Ag++ undeniably looks like it might fit the bill at first glance, but what it's like first hand?<br />
<br />
The package comes with the Ag++ Metal Bumper connected, but requires them to be unscrewed using the suppled hex key. Also supplied is a spare screw and two carbon-fibre look rear skins, one silver the other black. The bumper itself is made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum that will add 20 grams to the overall weight of your iPhone 5. Given the iPhone 5 weighs just 112 grams, the combined bumper and iPhone 5 still weighs less than the iPhone 4S, which comes in at 140 grams without a case.

The bumper slides on in two stages, starting with the rear. We were concerned about the potential for metal on metal contact damaging our iPhone 5 until it became apparent that there is an inner protective sleeve that provides a safe buffer. In a couple of minutes, and after making sure that the bumper was applied correctly so that access to the ports and buttons was not impeded, the bumper was in position.

The Ag++ feels surprisingly comfortable in the hand with angles and cambers combining to make gripping and holding the iPhone 5 easier than simply holding it on its own. The asymetrical shape works equally well in either a left-handed or right-handed grip. It also seems to be effective in reducing the liklihood of accidentally dropping the iPhone as it also has a textured surface that creates a natural resistive effect in the hand.

When combined with one of the carbon-look skins, there is no question that the Ag++ looks fantastic. It is has a distinctive and highly attractive appearance with genuine design flare. Yet, it will also do a good job of keeping your iPhone 5 safe from knicks and scratches on the most vulnerable part of the handset, its outer bezel. However, there are a few downsides that are somewhat disappointing and which detract from the overal user experience.

There is a flange at the top and bottom of the case that, while looking cool, impedes aspects of the usability of the case. For example, the on/off button on the top right of the handset is impeded slightly, requiring a user to use their fingernail to activate the button. We also found that our 3.5mm audo cable didn't fit into its socket, despite being accessible, because of the length of the overhang. The leading edge of each of the joins was also a little sharp when sliding our thumb up and down it.

These are annoyances mar what would otherwise be a stellar bumper from a purely design perspective. However, if you are willing to accept these ergonomic oddities, you will find that there will be more than one or two people coming up to ask you what it is that you have got on your iPhone. It remains worth considering, especially if you want help keep your iPhone protected, but in a way that is still aesthetically pleasing. The Case Logic Ag++ achieves a rare feat in the world of iPhone cases - enhancing the appearance of your iPhone, while also giving it decent protection without adding unnecessary bulk.

By Sanjiv Sathiah

ElectroTech Feb 8, 2013 11:29 PM
Is there a case to protect the case?
The workmanship is nearly that of the original iPhone. It is so well made that it must need a case to protect the case. If you could get an ugly larger case to cover it, you wouldn't need a case to protect the case that protects the case that protects the iPhone.

I remember the 1960' when my parents and relatives kept their new sofas under an old blanket to keep it new looking. I never saw the beauty of these couches because of the ugly old blankets on them. Eventually they replaced the sofas with new modern ones and used the same old blankets over top.

It seems to me that we are doing the same thing with our iPhones and when they are to be replaced, we have brand new looking old iPhones that we chuck out or give to someone who is willing to put up with an old iPhone. At no time do we ever get to see the beautiful iPhones we own.
irving47 Feb 9, 2013 02:27 PM
Faraday cage
It's a gorgeous case, no doubt... But you're putting a metal shield around your antenna. Look up "Faraday Cage" and see if you see any similarities. I have tested cases much LIKE this one. I used a SBSetting on my phone that showed db for signal instead of just bars... The amount of signal droppage was so pronounced, the store stopped ordering them and sent the stock back to the manufacturer.
TigerN28763 Feb 9, 2013 04:25 PM
metal bumper for iPhones
Any metal device covering the whole antenna will attenuate the reception/transmission of the signal. I have a great Monoprice bumper with pads between the metal and metal, but it also drops the signal by 1+ bars. I was losing connection places I never did before. Dumped the idea.

Now if only a great strong plastic bumper were available that had such style as these metal ones.
chotty Feb 10, 2013 11:38 AM
Closest thing...
to the Apple iPhone4 bumper is from
A lot of trial and error/ waste of money to find this. Almost identical to the Apple branded bumpers, but for the 5.
craybe Mar 19, 2013 11:17 PM
So does it F up signal?
Has anyone tried this case and experienced signal issues/dropped calls?

I've been using great leather cases since I had the iPhone 4 and the juxtaposition look of wear and fade of the case on a sleek phone looks great but I'm looking to change it up. But if I have to poke at the phone to unlock it, can't use headphones, AND the signal sucks...then I guess I'll have to stick with the iPhone sheath method.
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