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NewsPoster Apr 2, 2013 11:06 PM
Apple: iOS economy employs 291,250 with more than $8 billion paid out
Apple has <a href="" rel='nofollow'>updated its page</a> with statistics related to jobs the manufacturer has directly, or indirectly created as a result of its products. Based on a study by Analysis Group in February 2012, Apple has directly or indirectly created 307,250 US jobs. The figure includes <a href="" rel='nofollow'>iOS processor manufacturers</a> in Texas, some Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the <a href="" rel='nofollow'>Gorilla Glass</a>for the iPhone, and some FedEx and UPS employees. Another 291,250 jobs were generated by the iOS "app economy," mostly in development and retail.<br />
<br />
According to the report, Apple has paid more than $8 billion in royalties to developers through the App Store. There are 275,000 registered iOS developers in the US, with 6,000 developer jobs available on a job listing aggregator spread across the country.<br />
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The number of non-retail store Apple jobs based in the US has more than quadrupled over the past decade, from less than 10,000 employees in 2002 to more than 50,250 today. More than 5,000 new non-retail employees were hired in 2012 alone. Applecare advisors number more than 10,000, in 24 US call centers in 17 states -- with Apple noting that keeping the call centers in the US is more expensive, but leads to a better customer experience.<br />
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Each retail store maintains a staff of over 100 employees each, mostly full-time. Apple maintains a retail staff of 26,000, with 4,000 of them in the greater New York City area alone. <br />
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No mention was made on this report of other manufacturing employees hired for the migration of some Macintosh computer assembly in the US. Specific percentages of FedEx and UPS employees that Apple considers "created" versus the entire workforce weren't broken down.
Grendelmon Apr 3, 2013 11:31 AM
Quote, Originally Posted by NewsPoster (Post 4224494)
Applecare advisors number more than 10,000, in 24 US call centers in 17 states
That's a lot of clueless people!

My father purchased a 2012 MacBook Pro last year that spontaneously goes to sleep while he's working on it. It's a chronic issue for the Pros... and yet every AppleCare "advisor" he speaks to refuses to acknowledge the widespread problem. It's blatantly obvious when you read the support forums on their website.
Flying Meat Apr 3, 2013 02:37 PM
I use two 2012 MacBook Pros
and have not seen this issue. One, a 13", the other a 15" (mine :) and neither does this. Doesn't mean it isn't an issue for some folk, just "It's a chronic issue for the Pros..." isn't entirely accurate, even when limited to 2012 models.

Perhaps the good folk working the phones have not been given any information about the issue, since Apple is still trying to pin down which models, from which factory, and under what conditions this IS an issue.
I'm just sayin'.
jpadhiyar Apr 4, 2013 05:16 AM
Strong Stat
That's a mighty strong stat. Far as it goes, Apple has – with just these numbers – proven to be a strongly patriotic company. And we have a ton of naysayers and the haters who keep berating Apple for its profit margins and Chinese outsourcing.
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