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NewsPoster Jun 26, 2013 01:26 AM
Study of iPad user data reveals quirks, dominance, habits
Mobile usage analysis firm <a href="" rel='nofollow'>Onswipe</a>, as part of a slideshow celebrating its second year of operation, revealed some further analysis of user data from iPads that in some cases reveal interesting habits and in others reinforce facts already known from other end-user studies. According to the analysis drawn from its 127 million users over two years, iPad users prefer landscape to portrait, email as the most popular method of sharing, and the peak usage time is around 10PM during the early days of the week, among other factoids.<br />
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According to the company, which provides advertising and usage data for developers, landscape is the preferred orientation of the iPad nearly 60 percent of the time. This reflects the tablets' use as a viewer for video and movies, whether viewed on the iPad or sent via AirPlay to another device, such as an HDTV. Many games and other apps also prefer to use landscape mode, though web surfing and book reading tend to prefer the vertical orientation. Users have said that due to the keyboard being wider in landscape as well as case stands tending to orient it that way, landscape is also the preferred view for typing.<br />
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Those using iPads also tend to read more website content than (by comparison) iPhone users, with 223 percent more page views per visit -- undoubtedly due to the larger screen and easy magnification of text available on the iPad, even in its "mini" incarnation. Interestingly, when iPad users find something they want to share, they tend to use email to spread the word, even more than Facebook or Twitter. Email saw 54.8 percent of manual sharing being done, though the survey may not include items shared within Facebook.<br />
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Users also tend to rely heavily on search to find sites of interest, prefering it to social media by 32 percent. Search overall made up 19 percent of iPad web traffic, while social networking used just 14 percent of web time. Among referring sites, however, Facebook was the clear winner with 45.3 percent of visitors, followed by Twitter at 18 percent, and Pinterest links accounting for 12 percent.<br />
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As with numerous other studies, Onswipe's surveyed users tended to use the iPad <a href="" rel='nofollow'>far more than any other tablet</a>: the web traffic breakdown in the survey gave the iPad (all models combined) 94.1 percent of tablet web traffic. The percentage is higher than results from other surveys (which generally put the iPad in the high 80s in percentage) due to Onswipe's focus on the iOS platform and its popularity for advertising.<br />
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The Kindle Fire (all models) came in second with 4.1 percent, and other Android tablets (combined) hovered at 1.8 percent. Traffic rose gradually throughout the day, peaking at 10PM particularly on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays -- reinforcing the idea that the primary use of the iPad is for consumption, such as watching videos, playing games, reading and other leisure pursuits.<br />
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airmanchairman Jun 26, 2013 03:38 AM
Cute, unusual presentation style. Wonder if the slides were done in Keynote or Powerpoint?
ibugv4 Jun 27, 2013 01:23 PM
I'm in the 41%. I wrote a 10-page paper on the touch keyboard in portrait. I like the iPad because of its default portrait orientation. I fear this data will put me in the Blackberry QWERTY realm: forgotten about in the future. (The Q10 just came out months after the all-touch Z came out)
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