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NewsPoster Jul 29, 2013 10:42 PM
Examinations reveal many more changes in iOS 7 beta 4
Beyond the discovery <a href=" ton/" rel='nofollow'>earlier today</a> of biometric and fingerprint-sensor data buried inside the latest beta of iOS 7, researchers examining the new update have found lots of other tweaks and refinements -- everything from the return of Apple TV iTunes music buying to a subtle shift in gradient on the Mail icon, and much more. The evolution of iOS 7 reinforces early comments from veteran developers that every design element in the first beta that was publicly demonstrated at the Worldwide Developer's Conference wasn't set in stone, and that the <a href="" rel='nofollow'>update would evolve</a>.<br />
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The changes appear to stem both from usability as well as design suggestions from both inside and outside Apple as program makers pound away on the iOS beta even as they scramble to freshen the look and functionality of their own programs to be compatible with the new style. In addition to many changes small and large, there are also numerous bug fixes, as the previous betas had significant issues as is to be expected in early betas.<br />
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Users at <em>MacRumors</em> have reported improvements in speed and stability, redesigned icons for several Safari features (as well as a tweaked main program icon), the restoration of an option to shuffle songs from an artist and a mini-revamp for the Notification Center. The Slide to Unlock feature has been altered to call more attention to the bottom part of the screen, and the top and bottom of the lock screen now have translucent lines to suggest "handles" that can be pulled up or down (from the bottom or two, respectively).<br />
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The Siri help now has a longer and more impressive list of potential questions that can be asked, such as "what is in the Gossamer Condor" and "how many calories in a bagel" or "how many dollars is 45 Euro?" On the Phone app, the call button is narrower and other buttons have been updated, while the Camera app restores the ability to hold down the virtual shooting button, only taking the picture on release if desired. In addition, the beta moves the camera's HDR button and the iPhone 4S is now supported for Camera Filters.<br />
<br />
Notification Center sections can be changed by swiping left or right (switching between Today, All and Missed), there are new icons for AirPlay, Reminders can now be searched, Search now includes a "cancel" option, and Messages now uses first name and last initial of contacts rather than the full name in a conversation. Fixes in the update include an improved fade animation for folders, faster reaction to shop message options when swiping to delete, and the screenshot feature has been fixed to avoid an issue with Snapchat. Mail has restored the "flagged" messages option.<br />
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A significant feature in the new beta is the ability of Apple TV to be set up using an iOS device via Bluetooth (as well as pairing Bluetooth keyboards as before). The set-top box regains the ability to buy music directly from iTunes in the latest beta as well. In addition, iTunes Match users can now load their music onto the music app, and iTunes Radio now has a toggle switch that allows users to play tracks marked "explicit."<br />
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Users can now re-order a list, and the location icon in Maps has changed slightly. Album artwork in the lockscreen is now slightly smaller so that it isn't overlapped by the "slide to unlock" feature. One report claimed that notifications were showing up on a Pebble smartwatch but this hasn't been confirmed.<br />
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panjandrum Jul 30, 2013 01:41 PM
Just going to mention that Apple has been consistently making their UI more difficult to see/use on the Mac, and now it looks like they are about to do the same thing to the IOS. I'm not saying here that it doesn't look "good", that's not the point, the point is that elements are designed in such a way as to make differentiating between them more difficult. Regardless of the purely aesthetic value this is NOT a good direction for Apple's UI teams to be moving in. Usability should be the primary concern and it should never be sacrificed to the gods of "looking cool".
Spheric Harlot Jul 30, 2013 02:39 PM
Quote, Originally Posted by panjandrum (Post 4240617)
Just going to mention that Apple has been consistently making their UI more difficult to see/use on the Mac

Apart from the removal of color from sidebar icons, of course. And the reorganization of iTunes, which annoys me.

But beyond that?
panjandrum Jul 31, 2013 03:48 PM
@ Spheric: There are plenty of other examples, buttons that are harder to distinguish from each other, scroll bars harder to see, icons in other apps (Mail) all grey, just Google it...
Spheric Harlot Jul 31, 2013 06:48 PM
Icons in Mail are in the sidebar, which I mentioned.

Scroll bars aren't "harder to see", they are INVISIBLE, and that was a deliberate decision in trade-off against screen clutter and larger viewing area. I'm not quite reconciled with it yet, but I understand why they did that.
I don't know what you mean by the buttons.

Beyond that, I'd like to hear examples. "Just google" isn't a support of your claim. I've been following Apple for 25 years, and I'd like to hear what you're talking about.
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