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NewsPoster Sep 25, 2013 12:29 PM
EA denies claims Apple paid for Plants vs. Zombies 2 exclusive
Games publisher Electronic Arts is denying claims that Apple paid it to make <a href=" orlds.modes.more/" rel='nofollow'>Plants vs. Zombies 2</a> an iOS exclusive. "A comment from an internal meeting taken out of context has created an unfortunate misunderstanding," the publisher <a href="" rel='nofollow'>says</a> in an official statement. "Reports of a paid relationship between Apple and EA are factually inaccurate, and we apologise for any confusion." Apple has also denied that any money changed hands.<br />
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Several sources have told <em>Giant Bomb</em> that during an internal EA meeting on Tuesday, Frank Gibeau -- the head of EA Labels -- was quoted as saying that "Apple gave us a truckload of money to delay the Android version [of Plants vs Zombies 2]." The quote seems to explicitly imply that Apple paid for exclusivity, but <em>Giant Bomb</em> <a href="" rel='nofollow'>suggests</a> that Gibeau might alternately have been referring to a co-marketing deal. <br />
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Deals for platform exclusivity are common in the gaming industry, since having a particularly high-profile game can steer people toward buying one piece of hardware over another. Apple hasn't been known to engage in such deals before though, and co-marketing agreements are believed to be more common that straight-up cash payments.
Makosuke Sep 25, 2013 01:23 PM
That sounds much more Apple-like. I just don't see Apple paying a game developer upfront for that kind of exclusivity; it's not they way they've ever operated in the past. Prime "featured game" marketing real-estate on the App Store, however, is exactly the sort of thing they like to do for Apple-first software and hardware, so it makes sense. And no doubt worth "truckloads of money" in the revenue generated, which may have lead to the comment.
eldarkus Sep 25, 2013 08:29 PM
While it's a cool game.. Would it really steer anyone to one platform or another? I have seen die hard Halo , Mario, etc fans, but PvsZ fans?? I can't imagine anyone out there switching platforms just to play this game.

especially since it heavily relies on in-app purchases. They make some levels impossible just so you have to spend gold to beat the level.
hussainahm Sep 27, 2013 10:06 AM
eldarkus it won't steer people to one platform because of one situation but if it's a regular thing that apps and games are released on iOS first then that could be a factor in future purchase decisions.
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