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NewsPoster Jan 27, 2014 10:30 AM
Apple lining up packagers for A8 processor, sources claim
Two suppliers -- Amkor Technology and STATS ChipPAC -- have each secured 40 percent of the packaging orders made by Apple for its A8 processor, sources tell <em>Digitimes</em>. The remaining 20 percent are said to be going to Advanced Semiconductor Engineering. TSMC, which is said to have foundry orders for the A8, has also <a href="">allegedly</a> obtained wafer bumping orders. It's expected to start ramping up production for the A8 in the second quarter of the year using a 20nm process.<br /><br />If accurate, the claims suggest that A8-based devices will only ship later in the second half of the year, as expected. There have been rumors that Apple could ship a new iPhone as soon as this summer, but in recent years the company has taken to announcing all of its iOS devices in September or October. Launching then helps take advantage of holiday shopping.<br />
prl99 Jan 27, 2014 12:33 PM
Does this mean Samsung won't have any part in the A8 build process?
shawnde Jan 27, 2014 02:51 PM
I sure hope so .... I think Apple is taking way too long to cut off Samesung from their supply chain .... Apple should have completed the switch in 2011 when it was all obvious that Samsung was an infringer. I'm really surprised that Tim Cook, being an operations guy, is not taking this that seriously. I hope this is the year, where Apple doesn't buy ANYTHING from Samsung.
prl99 Jan 27, 2014 03:43 PM
@shawnde Apple has no choice until they find new suppliers that can produce the number of components they need. This doesn't happen overnight. My hope is these three suppliers will be able to maintain excellent quality and sufficient supplies to keep Apple stores in stock.

I find it amazing that Samsung is the primary product name for many consumer electronics and household devices. Best Buy, Costco, and Walmart all push Samsung products. Apple seems to be one of the few companies that is attempting to get away from Samsung.
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