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FT : Digital Audio Dual G4+ for Mac Laptop
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Dec 26, 2004, 01:14 PM
I sold my QS800DP a few months back so Im down to my only tower. I bought a PC box today, so Im finally ready to take everything I have Mac to a Laptop format... iBook/Powerbook.
Im looking for something I dont have to upgrade (other than maybe HD, which is ok since I have an external FW). Screen size isnt that big of an issue either, though condition is an issue, depending where the flaws are located.

My G4 tower is a heavily upgraded DA Dual533 witht he following specs:
Though I have had recent thoughts of overclocking it to 600Mhz, the CPU is currently untouched and nothing has been removed.

Digital Audio G4 (133mhz bus / 4xAGP)
533mhz(x2)CPU (7410)
Super Drive (not Apple brand, much faster) 8x/4x/40x/24x(write/rewrite speeds)
512MB PC133 Ram
Apple 40GB Hard Drive
USBx2 PCI card
ATI Radeon 8500 64MB AGP(4x) (VGA,DVI,S-Video)
Apple Pro Keyboard (Black)
Apple Pro Mouse (Black)
(I no longer have the original box, but I do have the one from my B&W G3 that it should fit nicely into)

* I bought this to essentially replace my QS for a fraction of the price that I had invested in the QS (since they are essentially the same 133mhz/4x agp base). I've pretty much completed it except for the CPU upgrade (at the very least I had planned to put in an OEM QS800DP CPU for ~$200 and have the same system for a couple hundred $'s less. It could also use a little more Ram in my opinion, but the DVD drive is 2x+ faster than the one in my QS. It has been running 10.2.8 and crunching RC5 for the last few months without a problem at all. Only thing I havent done is upgraded to ATI's newest software (I just dont trust ATI's stability until the 2nd or 3rd release of something new)

As I am getting out of the Mac tower platform, I also have a few other items available for trade that I will no longer be needing.

ATI RagePro 16mb PCI w/DVD daughter accelerator card (from B&W)
Belkin USB -> Serial PC (PDA/Mac) Adapter (w/driver disk)
Connect USB -> PC&Mac serial (Made for Epson printers to use USB)
SmartDisk USB MacOS Floppy Drive (w/driver disk)
Apple 400Mhz AGP CPU
Sony MD-PORT AN1 PCLINK (usb analog -> digital audio converter)
Fallon Ethernet PCI card (PC/Mac) (w/Mac driver disk/floppy)
Apple CD-RW (OEM from the DA) 8x4x32x
Apple Studio Display 17" CRT (ex:i16.ebayimg.com/01/i/02/f3/00/b7_1_b.JPG)
Apple 32x CD-ROM (OEM from my B&W)
Any case piece from a B&W Tower (except for very top piece/used for my QS cooling mod)
Small collection of mostly OS9 and some OSX games.
FileMaker 4.0 (never used,never registered)
OS8.5 Retail CD (with 8.6,update (I think))

I am interested in working a trade for a Mac Laptop, if anyone would like a Tower and has a laptop they would like to part with...please reply.

If there is no viable interest after a week or so I will post prices for the above, if there is enough interest (PM'd) in what is there.

Thank you for the read...
eBay: discovery_arts

*title edited to reflect newly available Tower configuration*
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LUCK  (op)
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Dec 28, 2004, 07:00 PM
**not meaning to double post/bump, wanted to leave old post/configuration as-is and this as a seperate option**

My ATA card came in yesterday, and I am about to close a deal for a Sonnet Duet 1.30GHz CPU upgrade.
I have a few offers towards the original/upgraded configuration, an iBook800 being the most attractive thus far. Although, with what I have accumulated over the last couple days I thought I would see if anyone would like to just purchase outright an even more powerfully upgraded Dual G4 that should out preform any stock Quicksilver and most of the MDD models.

*ATA133 is much much faster than an external Firewire HD, or USB2*.
ATA133 : 2x faster than the stock QS1.0DP (ATA66) *(MDD's run @ ATA100).
120GB+ HD capable... not even my QS800DP could recognize over 128GB's.
Dual G4 745X CPUs running at 1.27 or 1.3 GHz w/2mb L3 cache (x2).
Same AGP speed (4x) and BUS speed (133MHz) as Quicksilvers.
Even with everything listed, there are still TWO open PCI slots.
There are also TWO open HD bays and enough cables come with the Tempo to run all 4 Drives.
You may also be able to run TWO from the stock ATA66 connection (for 6 total?) but I have no idea, isnt something I am yet familiar with. (I bought the card mainly for the data speed and to handle new 120GB+ HD's)

Needs more Ram, has .5 Ghz (1GHz is optimal)
Radeon 8500 (though it is the best (Gaming) Card under 128mb (+ DVI & S-Video) they will not run ADC monitors, so to use an ADC either have to get an adapter or replace the 8500.
Isnt as sexy as a Quicksilver! (but everything will fit into a Quicksilver case )

New (available) Configuration:

Digital Audio G4 (133mhz bus / 4xAGP)
1.27GHz(x2) CPU's (1.3GHz @100bus and 1.267 @ 133bus)
Super Drive (not Apple brand, much faster) 8x/4x/40x/24x(write/rewrite speeds)
512MB PC133 Ram
Sonnet Tempo ATA133 / PCI (runs FOUR HD's)
Apple 40GB Hard Drive (7200rpm)
IBM 60GB Hard Drive (7200rpm)
USBx2 PCI card
ATI Radeon 8500 64MB AGP(4x) (VGA,DVI,S-Video)
Apple Pro Keyboard (Black)
Apple Pro Mouse (Black)
(I no longer have the original box, but I do have the one from my B&W G3 that it should fit nicely into)

If you are looking for a COMPLETE system, I have a beautiful 17" Apple Studio Display Flat CRT / ADC, the Radeon 8500 will not run the ADC monitors though I have a GeForce2 that will. Otherwise i would suggest the Radeon with a VGA or DVI monitor (some DVI's may need adapters?dont know, Ive always had VGA's and this one ADC)

Both are OS9.2 compatible:
http://www.sonnettech.com/product/tempo_ata133.html New$99
http://www.sonnettech.com/product/encore_st_duet.html New $699

The base Digital Audio tower, the AtA133 card, and the Duet 1.3GHz, (all used) bring around $1000 if the three were parted/sold...then there are all the other xtras.

So I am a few shipping days away from doing what I set out when I sold my QS800DP, to build one equally as good for less $ (I sold it stock with 768Ram and 60HD for $1k couple months back), and with much much better internal cooling (someone was out-to-lunch between the DA's and the G5's). Turned out I built one much faster in most aspects than even the top of the line QS, for about the same price as my Dual800. Problem is since I bought my PC box, all I want now is a comfortable Mac Laptop. So, unless I get a really good Trade offer for the above configuration, Im either going to 1) Sell it as the above super upgraded configuration and purchase a laptop outright, or 2) Leave it as the previous trade configuration (Dual533/etc) and list sale prices for the parts I have left over after the trade. ...or can always just part everything out on FleeBay and end up with an empty DA case to match my empty B&W case (very very last resort).

Price for the Dual G4 1.27GHz @133MHz bus : Im looking for best offer over $1000 USD
I will also consider a Mac Laptop/$ Trade.

*please no offers on the parts until I have something finalized on the tower configuration and know what I will have left over/available.*

Thank You, sorry for the long read again.
*Proud Mac owner since my Performa 6320CD and can provide as many buyer, seller, trader, and tech references as you would like. (as always, everything is guaranteed non-DOA + 30days)
6320, UmaxC600(->G3/280), PP9600(->G3-450), G3BW(->G4/450), iBook500, G4DP500, G4DA466(->G4800), QS800DP, DA533DP(->DA1.27DP), ..."?Laptop?"
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