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Railroader and Kevin are wrong about me, and I'm sick of their lies.
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Dec 7, 2006, 12:16 AM
Here are a few things that I'm getting sick and tired of because they're wholefully inaccurate, and I don't have an easy way to defend myself thanks me getting perpetually banned (and Railroaders unhealthy very disturbing obsession with me).

1. I have NEVER posted my name here. I posted a LINK to a video that had my name in it, and I posted a link to my deviant art account, which does not contain my name. I may have used my full name ONCE, to allow people to view my wedding photos, and that's it. Kilbey/Railroader on the other hand, has used my full name and location purely to infuriate me well over 20 times, and each time he's been asked to stop by me.

2. Railroader claims that no mod has ever asked him to stop using my name. This is complete ****. Tooki has asked him to stop repeatedly.

3. Railroader pisses me off. That's what he likes to do, and that is his goal in life. In fact, he even registers at other places that he thinks I might be posting at, purely to start fights with me. Don't believe me? Read this:


Quote: "And if Rob hangs out here a lot, then I am certain I want to be a member just to get him fired up.

On a side note: You guys like Rob more than me enough to let him in and keep me out. I'm hurt. Deeply hurt"

He constantly picks fights with me, baits me, and attempts to discredit any possible thing I ever post. Always. If I say something is good, Kilbey will say it is bad. If I say the Pontiac Vibe is a good car, but I don't like the styling, he will say something like "I don't care about styling because I'm not a shallow person like you". He pulls this crap CONSTANTLY, and the moderators do nothing about it. In the pontiac example, I wasn't even talking to him, nor was I attacking him. I was discussing an opinion about a car, and he felt the need to attack me.

4. I photoshopped a picture of Kilbey's daughter once. Yep. Know why I did it? See above.

5. I tried to apologize for photoshopping a picture of kilbey's daughter, but he wouldn't have it. Why? Read this thread:


Kilbey... I am sorry I photoshopped your kid. You piss me off a lot, and personally I really don't care if people photoshop me or the mrs, but I respect you opinion that you found it unacceptable. So I am apologizing. So again, you're a complete dick most of the time, and that's why I did it. But if it hurt you, I regret it. I'm sorry.

This was almost a year ago. Yet still Railroader feels the need to constantly squash me, constantly put me down, and disagree with anything I can possibly say. Why? I do not know.

6. I have NOT attacked people on here in a very long time. In fact, I've been making it a point to be polite, because when the mods keep banning me, they're doing so for one reason: A stupid rule that was applied to ONLY me. For years, anybody who was banned was allowed to reregister and come back on with a different username. This was the status quo. SWG was banned many times. Quite a few people were banned for posting something inappropriate, or whatever. Point being, anybody could always come back. Then, out of the blue, I start getting banned for ban evasion...

NOTE: This ban evasion **** started happening when I was NOT causing problems. I had over 200 posts on that username, and poof, it was gone due to ban evasion. I have not attacked people in a good while, nor have I been acting inappropriately.

Kevin and Railroader, together, have formed some sort of neo-nazi christian alliance to spite me. Why? I do not know. Perhaps it is because I speak truth, and do not sugarcoat the fairytales they were raised to believe in. In any event, I do not think I should keep getting banned, and here's why:

1. I have NEVER been given a 'fair' ban. Kilbey was warned many, many, MANY many times to quit harassing me (note, not the other way around, I was NOT harassing him, he was clearly picking fights with me, as he has done for YEARS now). Comprehende? He is the instigator, and he gets a ONE MONTH BAN.

I was banned years ago by Wlonh. For how long? Forever. So I came back. Eventually I wore Wlonh out, and received my original username. This stayed for a very long time, until I was banned for saying "become a priest and go molest a kid already" in a religious discussion with insults flying everywhere. Was anybody else banned? Nope. Was anybody else given a break? Nope. Just me. Fair? Not really. But instead of getting a ban I could adhere to, it was again a 'forever' ban.

I have ALWAYS been given 'forever' bans, due to my past history with the Wlonh fiasco. Now that the new infractions system is in place, I would like to extend the olive brand. I am a lot more mature than I used to be, and I am more careful about what I say. I have NEVER had a chance at 'adhering' to a ban, because they've always been forever. If a mod bans this screenname, and it is a reasonable ban*, I will not create another username, and will wait until this name is able to post again.

*: reasonable. Let's discuss this. Kilbey has harassed me, baited me, picked fights with me, insulted me, insulted my wife, insulted my intelligence, followed me to other boards on the internet, spreads my personal information, spreads personal information about me dispite me telling him politely multiple times to stop doing so, and he received a ONE MONTH BAN.

Considering I am not doing those things to him, and I have formally apologized ALMOST A YEAR AGO for photoshopping his daughter, I do not see any reason why my ban should be longer than a month. The only reason I even suggest that as 'reasonable' is so the mods can ban me, and see if I hold my word. I promise that if I am treated fairly, equal to other members, I will adhere to any reasonable* 'adherable' bans given to me.


- Rob
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Dec 7, 2006, 12:56 AM
You're seen this, right?
Originally Posted by Kevin
Actually I'd rather see Rob back, but actually respect other people and not be an ass. That is what I want to see.

That is what I wanted to see all the years I took up for him. All the years I got slammed for taking up for him. This was my desire. The many many times in pvt msg talking to him about his actions in here. Where does one cut the line mastrap?

If you want to come back perhaps a less inflammatory username might be a better choice.
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